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Repair System


Free / 1 Month


  • Awesome Image Updates
  • Awesome Image Assistance
  • Awesome Image Personalization
  • Awesome Image Notifies
  • Awesome Image 10 Cards

Repair System


€ 7,50 / Per Month


  • Awesome Image 1 User
  • Awesome Image 2 Venues
  • Awesome Image Customizable prints
  • Awesome Image Unlimited Cards
  • Awesome Image Unlimited Customers

Repair System


€ 10,00 / Per Month

Standard +

  • Awesome Image 5 Users
  • Awesome Image 5 Venues
  • Awesome Image History
  • Awesome Image Billing
  • Awesome Image Marketing

Repair System


€ 15,00 / Per Month

Premium +

  • Awesome Image 5 Users
  • Awesome Image 10 Venues
  • Awesome Image Laboratories Partnership
  • Awesome Image Partner Report
  • Awesome Image Partner Cards Management

Repair System


Price: Custom


  • Awesome Image Nr Users Customizable
  • Awesome Image Nr Plants Customizable
  • Awesome Image Dedicated domain
  • Awesome Image Laboratories Partnership
  • Awesome Image Customized sections

Repair Manager

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Which plan do you choose?

Comparative table of the different plans available for using the Repair System software

Features Demo Standard Premium Top
Users 1 1 5 5
Repair Cards 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Clients 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Warehouse product management SI SI SI SI
Spare parts management SI SI SI SI
Warehouse Movements SI SI SI SI
Detailed reporting SI SI SI SI
Customization of Product Categories SI SI SI SI
Customization of Product Brands SI SI SI SI
Product Models Customization SI SI SI SI
Customization Status Repairs SI SI SI SI
Attach photos via smartphone as a repair report SI SI SI SI
External card compilation SI SI SI SI
Import Data SI SI SI SI
Integration of form embed on external sites SI SI SI SI
Help center visibility SI SI SI SI
Customer Signature SI SI SI SI
Various types of printing styles SI SI SI SI
Customizable labels SI SI SI SI
Insert company name in the background of the report and delivery notes printout - SI SI SI
History of the activities carried out in the repair sheet - - SI SI
Venues Limitation 2 2 5 10
Additional venues - 20€ each VAT exc. 20€ each VAT exc. 20€ each VAT exc.
Laboratories Partnership Limited - - SI
Billing Limited - SI SI
Cards Management        
Partner Stores Limited - - SI
Partner Report Limited - - SI
Customer notifications        
WhatsApp Web (Customizable) SI SI SI SI
Email (Customizable) SI SI SI SI
Repair Progress Updates via QR Code SI SI SI SI
Message notifications        
Email Marketing Limited - SI SI
Sms Marketing Limited - SI SI
Security updates SI SI SI SI
New features Updates SI SI SI SI
Via Ticket - SI SI SI
Live Chat done done done done
Monthly Free 7,50€ iva escl. 10,00€ iva escl. 15,00€ iva escl.
Yearly Free 90,00€ VAT exc. 120,00€ VAT exc. 180,00€ VAT exc.

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