Frequent questions

What is Repair System?

Repair System is the software for managing technical assistance that will help you program and manage your interventions in the laboratory, all completely in the cloud. Thanks to his multiple functionalities, the software is extremely versatile and suitable for every need e activities.

Who is Repair System for?

Repair System is aimed at all companies and shops that carry out repairs of all kinds is they need to manage all the processing phases by optimizing time and resources. You will manage repair cards, counter sales, warehouse and invoices, also sending real-time notifications to your customers.

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Easy and Intuitive

Simple to use with the ability to create and consult your customers' records and records.

You can easily manage your laboratory, send instant notifications to your customer to update them on the status of the repair and choose the type of printing that suits you best.

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In Cloud

Work where and when you want. You will be able to manage your business either from your computer that gives phone or tablet.

All data is in the cloud and accessible from PCs, smartphones and tablets, guaranteeing maximum software functionality and software security.

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You will be able to better manage every type of product and repair, customizing status, press notes and much more.

Customize status, descriptions, press notes, categories, labels and more. Manage al better your shop with Repair System.

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Management Software
With Repair Cards

Do you have a repair shop and are you looking for a management software suitable for you?

Manage your repair shop in the best possible way, with the technical assistance management software suitable for any type of product, such as leather goods, watches, IT items, smartphones and much more.


Choose the plan that's right for you

There is a plan for each type of business

Repair System


Free / 1 Month


  • Awesome Image Updates
  • Awesome Image Assistance
  • Awesome Image Personalization
  • Awesome Image Notifies
  • Awesome Image 10 Cards

Repair System


€ 10,00 / Per Month


  • Awesome Image 1 User
  • Awesome Image 2 Venues
  • Awesome Image Customizable prints
  • Awesome Image Unlimited Cards
  • Awesome Image Unlimited Customers

Repair System


€ 12,50 / Per Month

Standard +

  • Awesome Image 5 Users
  • Awesome Image 5 Venues
  • Awesome Image History
  • Awesome Image Billing
  • Awesome Image Marketing

Repair System


€ 17,50 / Per Month

Premium +

  • Awesome Image 5 Users
  • Awesome Image 10 Venues
  • Awesome Image Laboratories Partnership
  • Awesome Image Partner Report
  • Awesome Image Partner Cards Management

Repair System


Price: Custom


  • Awesome Image Nr Users Customizable
  • Awesome Image Nr Plants Customizable
  • Awesome Image Dedicated domain
  • Awesome Image Laboratories Partnership
  • Awesome Image Customized sections
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Documents and Invoicing

Repair System will also help you with billing,
creating your documents quickly and easily.
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