The ally for your laboratory

Repair System is simple to use software and boasts multiple features for the complete management of your laboratory
You will be able to monitor any type of repair, from appliances, to jewelry, from watches to smartphones, it is practically suitable for your every need!


Insertion of invoice documents sent, purchase invoices,
with sending and downloading directly from Fatture in Cloud.


Sending status notifications to customers via Whatsapp and SMS in real time and informative emails with attached form.


Telephone Assistance, Support Tickets, Online Chat to communicate with our team in real time.


Easy and intuitive management of the warehouse and counter sales, monitoring everything with dedicated reports.

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Performant Software

You have a complete laboratory management and the customer can view the repair status directly from his smartphone via the QR CODE on the repair sheet, in addition, by clicking on the icon on the card, the customer can sign directly from his smartphone. You will be able to view the product within some types of card printing, create estimates and sales sheets, you can also attach images and documents to your cards, manage your billing, to have everything you need to manage your customers.

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You will be able to customize processing statuses, manage and customize label printing, view reports and statistics, inserting articles, categories. You will be able to export expenses and data in Excel, print barcode labels to be applied to devices, and then quickly catalog them. You can choose the types of printing, upload your logo, let customers create cards.

You will also be able to receive repair requests directly from your website, by integrating the form code directly on your platform. Thus all your assistance requests will be centralized on Repair System

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The Repair System management software represents a professional image of your business, it improves the internal organization of the laboratory and speeds up the availability of information. All data is in the cloud and accessible from PCs, smartphones and tablets, ensuring maximum software functionality. In short, if you want to add value to your company and have your laboratory just a click away, discover the right management software for you!

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Your laboratory just a click away

You will be able to better manage the handling of products in the warehouse and spare parts of any type, so as to check all the repair sheets not yet completed. Furthermore, you will be able to view the warehouse products used for repairs in the print sheet, all in the "Modern" print type

Print Labels
You can assign a bar code printed on labels to each device to identify and catalog it quickly. Furthermore, you can edit the labels in dimensions and fields to consult, also entering the customer's name and surname with a brief description.

Print summary cards
You will be able to print the repair sheets to be delivered as a receipt to customers during delivery.

Manage your technicians
Thanks to Repair System you can assign repairs to your technicians, internally monitor the cards and technicians associated with them, with instant and notified comments, create and send general communications for your technical staff or to the individual user.

Send your customers messages and emails with the offers of the moment. Thanks to this feature you can reach them in real time and inform them about your promotions. You can try the feature in demo or in the Top and Premium plans and immediately create your first promotional message.

Plant Management
With our software you can manage multiple systems and, based on them, filter the customer files by date and in a simple and fast way. In addition, by selecting the system within the card, you will also associate the card header.

Invoicing Management (Your laboratory just a click away)
You will be able to manage billing and enter documents as invoices sent, purchase invoices, etc. and the latter can be sent / downloaded from Fatture in Cloud.

Photos and documents attached to the repair sheet
With Repair System you can attach images and documents to your cards directly from your smartphone. How? Just scan the QR Code of the card directly from your device and you will instantly upload the images you need.

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Service Centers Map

The new “Find Assistance” section is dedicated to all customers looking for the nearest repair shop and with just a few clicks they could find yours!
To be visible on the map just reach "My shop" and set the field "Store visible on the map".

Filling in customer form
With this new feature, by selecting the registered customer and clicking on the dedicated icon, it is possible to generate a link for the customer to fill in the form.

Smartphone signature
Entering the customer's signature has never been easier, in fact with this feature you can have the customer sign directly from your smartphone.

Switch seat in the boards
Thanks to this novelty, it is possible to select the operational headquarters on the press, compared, for example, to the legal one entered for registration.

Over the counter
With Repair System you will be able to manage the counter sale and create both sales sheets and estimates, canceling, in case of confirmation, the items in stock.